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About Brodilla Multiacc

What is Brodilla Multiacc?

Brodilla Multiacc is a remote browser-based program that opens five browsers on five different computers translated in one window.

What is Brodilla Multiacc for?

Brodilla Multiacc is a tool helping you visit any site completely anonymously from 5 different devices (with all different parameters).

What services can be accessed using the Brodilla Multiacc?

You will get safe and secure access to absolutely all resources on the network through the browser. These are regular browsers, but open on our various servers.

Will Brodilla Multiacc slow down my internet connection?

Brodilla Multiacc, like Brodilla incognito, does not affect the Internet connection in any way. Usually, the remote browser works much faster than on your device, because we use powerful servers to launch the browser, and a lightweight software thin client runs on your device (a software or hardware solution in which the entire computing process falls on the server side, and the client only displays the result on the monitor).

Is it possible to figure out the use of multi-accounting with Brodilla Multiacc?

This is technically impossible. Each browser is hosted on a separate VPS (all the configurations are fully saved for the next session) on an individual computer. This is equivalent to using 5 different devices from different networks: absolutely everything is different, and nobody knows that you manage them from 1 window.

Are you using a VPN?

Yes, each of our machines uses a VPN or proxy for network connection.

Why should I choose Brodilla Multiacc over an 'anonymous' browser, of which there are many on the Internet?

Any "anonymous" browser is only partially anonymous. Our competitors do create different browser fingerprints and generate new ones, but this is only enough for shallow anonymization. In addition to the browser fingerprint, there is also a device fingerprint (computer or mobile), and on one and the same computer it is impossible to achieve absolute anonymity on different tabs of different browsers, no matter which parameters are changed.

We advise you to read our 'User Identification' Article.

What is the difference between Brodilla incognito and Brodilla Multiacc?

Both services are based on the remote browser (i.e. the browser opens on our servers and is translated to you). The most important difference is the goal. Brodilla incognito gives you absolute anonymity (no parameters are saved) with high performance in the remote browser. Brodilla Multiacc, with lower performance, gives you 5 simultaneous connections to different computers with all the parameters saved for the next sessions, and complete anonymity.

So how does Brodilla Multiacc work technically?

Brodilla Multiacc is based on remote browser technology and technically it works like this:

  • when you run Brodilla Multiacc on your device, 5 virtual dedicated servers (vps) are created on our 5 servers, on which the browsers of your choice are installed;
  • then we … shoot the video and send you this particular video from all 5 PCs in 1 window. That’s the way we do it: you see the video footage of working browsers. And it is really you who manages them, visits sites, posts your comments, watches videos, etc.;
  • when you have finished your session (or automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity) the virtual dedicated server (vps) saves all the parameters of "your" computer along with all information on the browser, incl. history, cookies, passwords, languages, notification subscriptions, etc. — absolutely everything;
  • when you restart Brodilla Multiacc, you simply reconnect to your computer — it's your computer that is always online.

Tell us about the technical part — which IP-addresses will I receive, which countries, permanent or dynamic?

The Brodilla Multiacc price already includes 5 different (from any country of your choice) IP-addresses and VPN service for each connection. After saving the PC configuration parameters, the IP-address is assigned to you.

We also recommend you to read our 'Identifying Users on the Internet' Article.

Remember, Brodilla Multiacc is a multi-accounting service that is technically impossible to figure out, but we are powerless if you "give yourself up".

With Brodilla Multiacc it is strictly forbidden to:

  • check your mail from your other devices — you "give up" yourself. Create a new mailbox (for example, in our program’s free version);
  • visit social networks under your own name or under any name that you used on any other device;
  • visit any site with the login and password that you used in a regular browser;
  • visit unique pages on the network (this can be your server address, for example, — no one knows it except you and no one visits it, which means it will not be difficult to match the logon to this page from 2 devices).

How to set up Brodilla Multiacc

Brodilla Multiacc is very easy to set up and use:

  1. Download and open the program on your device.
  2. Select a country, browser and language (a virtual dedicated server (vps) will be created with these parameters), and repeat the procedure for each profile.
  3. And ... that’s all — everything is as in a regular browser, but 5 PCs work for you in 1 window.
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