Headless Remote Desktop System (HeReDeS) over NAT for developers

The purpose of HeReDeS is to organize remote access to PCs over NAT for everyone, as well as ease of integration into their own solutions. HeReDeS is a convenient library, i.e. a set of already written procedures (functions) that can be used in any of your applications.
Headless System
Headless software

Unique free remote desktop software for Windows

  • Realtime audio from a microphone of one PC to the speakers of another (PCM 11,025kHz format).
  • Realtime video.
  • Two-way exchange of arbitrary user data.
  • Forwarding the mouse and keyboard from one PC to another.
  • Traffic encryption using a private key (+ asynchronous key change).
remote desktop alternative

Scope of application:

  • Remote access to a PC over NAT.
  • Software for automating processes on a remote PC, including several PCs at the same time, the work of which must be synchronized (agreed).
  • Displaying multiple desktops in one interface.
  • P2P messengers, including those with the functionality of voice, video, text communication and the ability to transfer other arbitrary data / files at the discretion of the developers.
free remote desktop software

Technical implementation:

  • Establishing connection via the HeReDeS STUN server (developers are not required to have their own stun server, and the library takes over the establishment of connection).
  • Direct p2p data exchange between PCs via UDP protocol.
Our advantages:
Udp hole punching

Udp hole punching

There is no need when developing software to spend time on implementing a direct connection over NAT.

NAT hole punching

There is no need to waste time on encoding and compressing video / audio stream, but you can work directly with the bitmask of a headless remote PC as with a local one.

Our solution works outside the local network and does not require white ip addresses

No need to think about how to transfer arbitrary data over NAT - you can focus on your idea development process.

Safe alternative to rdp or another remote desktop

Encrypted data transmission based on the free library.

Our solution works with Windows XP (incl. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 10 home) and Windows Server 2003 (incl. Hyper-v) and all newer.

Alternative to rdp and Chrome remote desktop with C, C#, C++, Python, Javascript, Delphi, PHP

Simple and fast work with various programming languages

What we don't have:

  • Login. We are not logged in, i.e. you must already be logged into the server PC.
  • We make full screen by default without selecting a screen area.
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Free headless remote desktop software over NAT for developers
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