About project

The Brodilla project arose as a response to the total collection of user data, including explicitly confidential information.

We believe that everyone has the right to keep inviolable and not disclose the aspects of his life considering personal.

We consider the elementary human rights on the Internet to be the liberty of speech, conscience and thinking!

Our work is guided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights .

The Brodilla service does not log or collect any information about its customers (except specified in the Privacy Policy).

By starting to use the Brodilla service, you agree not to violate the generally accepted rules and regulations of the service.

What is strictly prohibited doing in any manner:

  1. Public calls for the violation of the territorial integrity of any state.
  2. Calls for terrorism or extremism.
  3. Calls to violence and the threat of murder to a specific person and/or group of people (on ethnic, religious, racial and other grounds).
  4. Kids porn and anything about it.
  5. Information that tempts people, especially children, to commit dangerous and illegal actions.
  6. Methods of making, using and distributing drugs and any other illegal substances.
  7. Ways to commit suicide and calls for it.

Remember, the Project is aimed at the privacy and anonymity of users without violating their elementary rights.

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