Direct over NAT secure file transfer program

(Brodilla file transfer)

The purpose of Brodilla file transfer is to provide the ability to directly (p2p) and free send and transfer any file of any size at maximum speed.
send big file
transfer large file

Send and transfer big file peer-to-peer

A unique and free service for transferring any files in the Internet over NAT. In fact, of course there is a limit - 8 million TB.
p2p file sharing

How to transfer files from one computer to another?

It's easy. Do it directly with max speed and be sure of the safety of your data and files.
file transfer between computers

Transfer or send 100gb file free

Many services have file size limits. But not Brodilla file transfer. 1 ... 3 ... 5 ... 20 .. 30 ... 50 ... 100 GB? In fact, this file can be much larger ... 1 terabyte? You decide it, not us.
Our advantages:
secure sharing files from laptop to laptop

Send files between pcs on same network

It doesn't matter to us what networks your devices are on.

Free online file sharing without limits

Transfer files of any size for free to unlimited PCs.

Real secure file sharing

We use a unique encryption method unlike anything you have ever encountered.

Peer to peer file sharing over the internet

P2P - the most secure and fastest way to send long video, music, zip ets.

Better than all another

Our service is better, faster and more reliable than anything you have used before. Simply because the files are P2P transferred.

How to send large files via email like Gmail, Hotmail etc.

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Transfer any files without limits!
Free P2P file send and transfer software -Brodilla file transfer
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