Real multiple accounts, for which the ban cannot be received

A unique program for multi account, which has no analogues in the world!
multi account

The only way to be

in one window on multiple devices at the same time!

With Brodilla Multiacc you can visit any site simultaneously from 5 devices, but work in 1 window.
multiple accounts

Download the program and remain different users for the entire Internet

Brodilla Multiacc doesn't just hide your IP, location and encrypt all traffic - in fact, browsers will run on 5 different PCs.
multiple adsense accounts

With Brodilla Multiacc, you'll forget about anyone who might be following you online

We are the first to provide the service of real multiaccounts in 1 window for using in Google Adsense, bookmakers and casinos (for arbitrage betting), affiliate (referral) programs and others.
multi acc

Completely different PCs

We really create completely different virtual PCs for you

Easy activation and operation

Get a subscription, download the program and select options. And that's it - 5 different PCs are at your disposal.

Complete anonymity of your profiles

Even the prints of your virtual devices will not indicate that this is 1 person - they are just different computers.

The best and the only technology!

We are the first and the only ones to provide users with real multiaccounting for any need.

You choose a real privacy!

There is no way to determine that your accounts are managed in 1 window. Even at the "hardware" level - because browsers will work on different PCs!

We keep full profiles of your account

And every time we "turn on" your computer!
First of all
Open the program and select Brodilla Multiacc
Create different profiles (you can choose from different countries)
And finally
Enjoy all the advantages of multi-accounts as if you have 5 different devices, but in 1 window.
Do you need real multi-accounting without a ban? So what are you waiting for?
Still have questions?
Check out the Multiacc FAQ