About Brodilla incognito (a remote browser-based program)

A remote browser is a program with the technology of launching and controlling the browser remotely, that is, the browser itself opens not on your device (computer or mobile), but on another (on our server). You control the browser.

Brodilla Incognito is a program that uses remote browser technology to achieve the highest possible online privacy.

Brodilla incognito is a tool with the help ofwhich you can completely hide your identity (your real IP address, location, a digital fingerprint of your device, etc.) and work on the web in complete confidentiality as it is not your machine that visits different sites and pages, but ours.
You will get secure and protected access to absolutely all resources on the network through a browser. This is a normal browser, butit is opened on our server in order to hide all information about you.
Brodilla Incognito does not affect the Internet connection in any way. Usually, the remote browser works the same way as the browser on your device, and sometimes (if your device is outdated) even faster as we use powerful servers.
VPN - it's a great technology and it works! In essence, a VPN is a tunnel between two or more devices, through which traffic is encrypted. But, alas, this is not enough for anonymity. It is a change of IP address for the entire Internet, but user identification is done by hundreds of parameters and IP is only one of them. We advise you to read our article about user identification.
Brodilla incognito is absolute anonymization of the user for all sites you visit. The VPN only encrypts the traffic between the VPN server and the user, changing your IP address and it is extremely difficult to get into this traffic. With VPN, all sites on the network will indeed be unlocked for you, but this has nothing to do with anonymity - it absolutely does not prevent you from being identified. Read our article About user identification.
You can find a detailed description of how remote browser works in the article About the remote browser.

Subscribe to the Brodilla incognito

No. Brodilla Incognito is a unique premium service that has no analogues in the world. We do not have a free version. The minimum tariff that you can buy is 1 hour, during which you can test all the functionality of the product.
A subscription will give you full access without restrictions to all the server locations of the Brodilla Incognito remote browser for a period of your choice.
Here you can choose your payment method.
Contact Support and follow the instructions.
No. To provide high-quality services, we own and rent servers around the world and it costs a lot of money to maintain this infrastructure.
We provide our customers with both - Brodilla incognito and Brodilla VPN, but these are different services for their purpose and expense. The Brodilla incognito gives customers absolute anonymity when surfing the web, rather than just changing their IP address to bypass blockages, and that’s why this service costs more.

More details about Brodilla incognito

With one subscription, you can simultaneously connect to 1 remote browser at any given moment. The reason for this is that for each client request a virtual server is created with a browser on our machine. If you connect at the same time from 2 or more machines through a program with the same ID, your balance will be deducted 2 or more times faster.
At the moment only Windows PCs are supported. But the version for Linux and Android will be ready very soon. You can get a free test of it.
Please read our article about how the the Brodilla incognito works. All technical aspects are described in details there.
do not publish the number of our clients, servers, IP and other data.
No. there are more details in our article about the work of our program and with Privacy Policy.
Absolutely. You can read more details in our article about how our program works and with Privacy Policy.
No, we don’t have at the moment, but we are working on its creation.
Because there are simply no other services. We are the first and only people in the world to offer such a service - the real and absolute anonymity of web surfing. Several services have already announced the imminent release of a product based on DOM reconstruction. We categorically do not use such technologies, which are very similar to phishing or intermediary attacks. With us, you see and manage exactly the original page in your browser.

Working with Brodilla Incognito

Download the program and click on the Cabinet. Each instance of the program has a unique ID and all your details will be listed there.
On the website, go to the Download page and download the program.
Each version of the program has a unique identifier. Therefore, contact support to reestablish the program.
When you start the program, you get the latest version of the productautomatically.
This is not necessary - you always use the latest version of the program.
No. This is very harmful to anonymization, including, due to behavioral factors. We specifically create identical virtual servers, mix traffic and ip-addresses on our servers for maximum anonymization. Indeed, if hundreds of clients can visit the same machine (server) per day (and some several times), this perfectly mixes up all the information on requests, behavioral factors, and any other settings. In such a situation, it is simply impossible to identify anyone.
There is a special button Support inside the program to contact the support team.