About Brodilla Multiacc

Brodilla Multiacc is a remote browser-based program that opens five browsers on five different computers translated in one window.
Brodilla Multiacc is a tool helping you visit any site completely anonymously from 5 different devices (with all different parameters).
You will get safe and secure access to absolutely all resources on the network through the browser. These are regular browsers, but open on our various servers.
Like Brodilla incognito, Brodilla Multiacc does not affect the Internet connection in any way. Usually, the remote browser works much faster than on your device, because we use powerful servers to launch the browser, and a lightweight software thin client runs on your device (a software or hardware solution in which the entire computing process falls on the server side, and the client only displays the result on the monitor).
This is technically impossible. Each browser is hosted on a separate VPS (all the configurations are fully saved for the next session) on an individual computer. This is equivalent to using 5 different devices from different networks: absolutely everything is different, and nobody knows that you manage them from 1 window.
Yes, each of our machines uses a VPN or proxy for network connection.
Any 'anonymous' browser is only partially anonymous. Our competitors do create different browser fingerprints and generate new ones, but this is only enough for shallow anonymization. In addition to the browser fingerprint, there is also a device fingerprint (computer or mobile), and on one and the same computer it is impossible to achieve absolute anonymity on different tabs of different browsers, no matter which parameters are changed. We advise you to read our 'User Identification' Article.
Both services are based on the remote browser (i.e. the browser opens on our servers and is translated to you). The most important difference is the goal. Brodilla incognito gives you absolute anonymity (no parameters are saved) with high performance in the remote browser. Brodilla Multiacc, with lower performance, gives you 5 simultaneous connections to different computers with all the parameters saved for the next sessions, and complete anonymity.
You can find a detailed description of Brodilla Multiacc in this article.

Brodilla Multiacc Subscription

You can see our tariffs here.
Our recommendations before subscribing:
  1. Try the free version of Brodilla incognito.
  2. Request a free test of Brodilla Premium.
  3. ;
  4. In the free version of our program, create your new e-mail address (you will need it when paying).
No, but Brodilla Multiacc is based on remote browser technology that you can try for free. Brodilla Multiacc puts at disposal 5 remote browsers from 5 different PCs in 1 window, with your manual configurations (browser, country, language, etc.) and all the parameters saved for the next sessions.
A subscription to the Brodilla Multiacc package will give you the opportunity to create 5 different profiles on different PCs and work with them in 1 window.
You can find instructions on how to unsubscribe here.
You can find instructions on how to cancel your subscription here.
No. To provide high quality services, we own and rent servers around the world, and it costs a lot of money to maintain this infrastructure.
Anonymous browsers often give a huge number of profiles, and you give only 5. Because Brodilla Multiacc provides absolute anonymization of all 5 profiles, and it is absolutely impossible to technically detect the use of our multi-accounting. You can use 5 different browsers on 5 different PCs, and not a bunch of profiles on ... 1 PC.

More details about Brodilla Multiacc

With one subscription, you can simultaneously connect to 5 remote browsers on 5 different PCs at any given moment.
Currently, multi-accounting is only supported on Windows PCs, but very soon, the versions for Linux and Android will be ready. You can sign up for a free test.
Please read carefully our articles on how Brodilla incognito and Brodilla Multiacc work. All technical aspects are described in detail there.
We do not publish data on the number of our clients, servers, IPs, and other things.
Yes, we fully save all the configuration and parameters of all 'your' 5 computers and their browsers for subsequent sessions. But you can clear their history, cookies, etc. at any time, as in a regular browser. For more details, please refer to our article on how our Brodilla Multiacc works.
Absolutely. It is safe and anonymous, and it is technically impossible to detect multi-accounting. You can find out more details on how our program works in our article.
Not at the moment, but we are working on its creation.
Because only Brodilla Multiacc provides accounts that run on different PCs. We also want to remind you that we NEVER use technologies based on DOM reconstruction, which are very similar to phishing or a man-in-the-middle attack. With Brodilla Multiacc, you see and manage the original pages in browsers opened on different PCs. It is absolutely impossible to figure out our multi-account technically (unless, of course, you yourself start identical logging into all profiles on different sites — many sites indicate your login in the URL during login, and it is very easy to track your login down from history and/or find it on specific URLs that are not available to the wide audience, because no one knows about them).

Working with Brodilla Multiacc

Download the program and click on Cabinet. Each copy of the program has its unique ID, and all your data will be indicated there.
On the website, go to the Download page and download the program.
Each version of the program has its unique identifier, so you can restore the program by contacting our Support Team.
When you turn on the program, you automatically get the latest version of the product.
This is unnecessary — you always use the latest version of the program.
No. We automatically connect different servers and automatically generate all the configurations and parameters of all the 5 computers that you see in 1 window. You choose an operating system, browser, country and language, and get the IP-address assigned to you. We create other parameters.
There is a special Support button in the program for contacting our Support Team, or just click here.