About Brodilla Incognito

General information about Brodilla Incognito and about a remote browser

What is Brodilla incognito Remote Browser?

Remote browser is a program with the technology of launching and controlling the browser remotely so that the browser itself opens not on your device (computer or mobile), but on another one (on our server). It is you, who control the browser.

Brodilla incognito is a program that uses remote browser technology to achieve the highest possible privacy and privacy on the web.

What Brodilla Incognito Remote Browser is used for?

A remote browser is a tool that completely hides your identity (your real IP address, location, digital fingerprint of your device, etc.) and works on the web completely confidentially, since it is not your machine that visits different sites and pages. It is all about our machine.

What services can I access with Brodilla Incognito Remote Browser?

You will get safe and secure access to definitely all resources on the network via browser. This is a regular browser, but just opened on our server to hide all information about you.

Will using Brodilla Incognito Remote Browser slow down my internet connection?

The remote browser does not affect the Internet connection in any way. Usually, the remote browser works the same as the browser on your device, and sometimes (if your device is outdated) even faster since we use powerful servers.

How does Brodilla Incognito Remote Browser work?


So, how does Brodilla Incognito technically work?

Technically it looks like that:

  1. when you launch the Brodilla Incognito on your device, a virtual private server (vps) is created on our server, on which the browser of your choice is installed;
  2. then we ... shoot a video and send you exactly the video. That's right - you see a video of a working browser. And at the same time, it is you who manage it, go to sites, post your comments, watch videos, etc.;
  3. when you have finished your session (or automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity) the virtual private server (vps) is deleted along with all information on the browser, incl. history, cookies, passwords, languages, notification subscriptions ... - absolutely everything;
  4. when you restart the Brodilla incognito, everything happens again - a new virtual private server (vps) is created with new parameters;
  5. we do not record, log or save all your activities - everything is deleted at the end of the session.

And why is it completely safe and anonymous?

In fact, the user is identified by 3 groups of parameters:

Source Description Brodilla Incognito Solution
Browser The browser itself stores a ton of information about you and your online activities The browser is not on your device, but on our server. And whatever the browser can save will be deleted at the end of your session
Hardware Rendering (drawing) of a page of any site is done using the “hardware“ of your device. That is why changing the browser on the same device (with an additional change of ip) will help from the point of view of ordinary sites, but in no way interfere with your identification by more serious players Rendering takes place on our “hardware”, and you watch the video
External links The Internet is a system of communication channels and data transmission over them We encrypt all data when it transmitted from our server to your device. And we send you a video - formally, you don't surf the net, but watch the recording about it

All this together gives complete anonymity when visiting any site.

We also recommend you to read our article about Identifying Users on the Internet.

Keep in your mind, we provide a service for anonymizing surfing on the Internet, but we are powerless if you "hand yourself".

From Brodilla Incognito we do not recommend you to:

  1. go to the mail that you use from your other devices - you "identify yourself". Create a new mailbox;
  2. go to social media under your own name or under any that you used on any other device;
  3. go to any site with the login and password that you used in a regular browser.

How to configure Brodilla Incognito

Brodilla incognito is very easy to configure and use:

  1. download and open the program on your device;
  2. select the country, browser and language (it is the parameters with which the virtual private server (vps) will be created;
  3. and ... everything - everything is like in a regular browser, but absolutely anonymous.
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