Why do you need a multi-account from Brodilla?


Multi-accounting is the creation of additional accounts. Sometimes it is allowed (for example, Gmail does not prohibit having many mailboxes), and sometimes it is prohibited by the service rules.

In this article, we do not call for breaking the rules of certain sites, but only state the fact — sometimes, you need multi-accounting for one reason or another.

Here are the main places where clients are interested in multi-accounting:

  1. Bookmakers and casinos — here multi-accounting is needed for arbitrage betting and is always prohibited, because it leads the player to guaranteed win, which means the loss for the casino or betting offices.
  2. Multiplayer games — here additional accounts are used for combat, financial or other assistance to the main account. This gives an advantage over players who do not use a multi-account.
  3. Forums and chats with a rating system — multi-accounting is used on different sites to add the main account or to maintain a conversation on the desired topic.
  4. Affiliate (referral) programs — for some goods and/or services, affiliate rewards can reach 50% of their value, which makes buyers want to save money by making a purchase using their own referral link.
  5. Freelance exchanges, content exchanges, and other places where rating and reviews are important — usually such sites prohibit multi-accounting so that users cannot boost their rating.
These are far from all examples for using multi-accounting, but the most common ones. And, of course, we have completely solved this problem for our users: check out our articles on Brodilla Multiacc and Brodilla Multiacc FAQs.