How do I browse anonymously and securely in the Safari browser?

Many people choose Safari from existing browsers. But the question of using it anonymously and safely is becoming more and more common. We decided not to fight all the ways of collecting information about users from the browser, sites, or even a PC or mobile. We have solved this problem in the root: use your favorite Safari browser remotely, i.e. on our device, to hide all traces of your stay on any site. This is a real incognito mode for searching in Google, Bing, Yandex or any other search engine, and surfing the web alone with Brodilla incognito. You can read more about the remote browser technology in this article.

What does using the Safari browser remotely look like?

With Brodilla incognito, the Safari browser in Windows looks like this:

As you can see, there are no special differences between the Safari browser on your device and using it via a remote browser. The only difference is where the browser itself is open - this information is recorded when you visit sites, as well as when you create a fingerprint of the browser and device. With Brodilla incognito, all traces will be on our machine, and your use of the Safari browser will be anonymous even for the browser itself.

Download and configure

Download the Brodilla incognito program for Windows and select Safari when configuring it

Download Brodilla incognito and become anonymous for the entire network. Using the Safari browser with Brodilla incognito, you will be completely anonymous and you should not worry about being spied on on the Internet.

Adblock in the Safari browser with Brodilla incognito

In Brodilla incognito, we completely block ads, but do not use Adblock, Adblock +, uBlock, or any other extension in the browser itself. We simply block all scripts from most well-known ad systems and therefore your web surfing will be cleared of most advertisements.

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